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Basic accommodation of a room with only a bed, a cupboard, a small table and a washstand has largely been replaced by rooms with bathrooms and, more commonly in the United States than elsewhere, climate control.

Other features found may be a telephone, an alarm clock, a TV, and broadband Internet connectivity. Food and drink may be supplied by a mini-bar (which often includes a small refrigerator) containing snacks and drinks (to be paid for on departure), and tea and coffee making facilities (cups, spoons, an electric kettle and sachets containing instant coffee, tea bags, sugar, and cream or milk).

Some Services and Facilities hotels offer various combinations of meals as part of a room and board arrangement. In the United Kingdom, a hotel is required by law to serve food and drinks to all comers within certain stated hours; to avoid this requirement it is not uncommon to come across "private hotels" which are not subject to this requirement.

In Japan, capsule hotels offer minimal facilities and room space.


The cost and quality of hotels are usually indicative of the range and type of services available. Due to the enormous increase in tourism worldwide during the last decades of the Services and Facilities 20th century, standards, especially those of smaller establishments, have improved considerably. For the sake of greater comparability, rating systems have been introduced, with the one to five stars classification being most common.

The star classification system is a common one for rating hotels. Higher star ratings indicate more luxury.

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When travelling people almost always stay at hotels. It is advisable to remember the following things:

1. Book a room in advance either by letter, telephone or telegram. Otherwise you may arrive at the hotel and they will tell you that there Services and Facilities are no rooms.

2. On arrival at the hotel go to the reception desk in the lobby and confirm your reservation. The clerk will then give you a registration form to fill in and sign (the form is filled in block letters). In smaller hotels you simply sign the visitor’s book and give your permanent address.

3. At large hotels you may ask for any service by telephone. You tell the operator if you wish to be called at a certain time, you call room service when you want a meal or drinks sent to your room, valet or maid Services and Facilities service if you need something (a suit or dress) cleaned or pressed.

4. Let the hotel management know well in advance the day of your departure.


1. Why is it advisable to book a room in advance?

2. How can one reserve a room?

3. How does one confirm a reservation?

4. What does a visitor fill in on arrival at a hotel?

5. Why must the form be written out in block letters?

6. Who and when must you tell about your departure?

7. What kind of service may you ask for by telephone at large hotels?


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Summer Holidays

The beach is a traditional summer destination for thousands of people. Everyone wants to go to the beach! Sun, surf, and sand are a magnetic lure for millions of visitors. The wealth of things to go includes sunbathing, jogging, boating, fishing and surfing. Ever presented breezes keep the temperature comfortable and the water warm. Beach cities are the centers for easygoing life styles. For example, the roller skating craze started on the Venice boardwalk.

Though sea, sun and sand are the same, people Services and Facilities try to go to a different place every year, because fauna, flora, and the air are different. Spending holidays on the beach is a great rest though many people combine sunbathing with visiting museums and places of interest.

Задание 2. Соотнесите слова с предлагаемыми объяснениями.

1. an expedition 2. a flight 3. a tour 4. a voyage 5. a package tour 6. an itinerary 7. a trip 8. to travel 9. a cruise 10. a crossing a) a journey by ship for pleasure b) a journey by plane c) the plan of a journey d) an informal word for journey; sometimes meaning a short journey. e) a journey for a Services and Facilities scientific or special purpose f) a holiday which includes organized travel and accommodation g) taking journeys, as a general idea h) a journey by sea i) an organized journey to see the sights of a place j) a journey from one side of the sea to the other


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My Last Winter Holidays

Our winter holidays always coincide with two important dates –New Year’s Eve and Christmas, that’s why, as a rule, I never leave Kyiv at this time of year. Our Ukrainian custom is to spend these two evenings with our Services and Facilities family. This year my winter holidays were not an exception and I spent them at home. The days before New Year’s Eve were full of preparations: I had to buy small presents for my parents and grandparents. I wanted to buy a Christmas tree and some more Christmas decorations. I helped my Mum to do the shopping for our New Year’s Eve dinner. In other words, I was very busy. During the very last hours of the year we decorated the Christmas tree, laid the table near it and drank our Champagne, saying good-bye to the Old Year Services and Facilities, and greeting the New Year. Then we opened our Christmas presents. I got a lot of candies and a beautiful sweater.

The day before Christmas the weather was bright and frosty. I was skiing and riding sledges with lots of hills, what made it very exciting.

In the morning we went to church. The service was beautiful, with wonderful chants and the smell of incense. Then we went to visit our relatives.

The days after Christmas passed quickly. I went to see my friends, I went walking and skiing, once, I went to the museum. And then Services and Facilities – look! – it’s time to get ready for school.


1. Which two important days do your winter holidays coincide with?

2. Where do you usually spend your winter holidays?

3. Where did you spend your winter holidays this year?

4. What were you doing the very last hours of the year?

5. What were you doing during the days before New Year’s Eve?

6. What did you get for a holiday present?

7. What were you doing in the days before Christmas?

8. How did you spend your Christmas?

10. What were you doing in the days after Christmas?

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